how to use 5d diamond painting tools

How to Use 5D Diamond Painting Tools

Diamond painting has become a popular and enjoyable craft, allowing individuals to create stunning artworks using small, sparkling resin diamonds. The use of 5D diamond painting tools is essential to achieve precise and beautiful results. In this article, we will explore how to use these tools effectively and efficiently to enhance the diamond painting experience.

Basic Diamond Painting Tools

Application Pen Types

There are different types of application pens used in diamond painting, each serving a specific purpose. The most common ones include diamond drill pens, diamond wax pens, and diamond drill wheel pick-up pens.

Diamond Drill Pens

Diamond drill pens are the traditional and widely used option. They are included in most diamond painting kits. With a diamond drill pen, you transfer the diamonds onto the adhesive canvas following the color-coded scheme, and then place the diamonds onto their designated positions.

Diamond Wax Pens

Diamond wax pens are a more practical alternative. They allow you to apply wax directly to the diamond drill, eliminating the need to constantly dip the pen in wax. When the wax in the pen stops coming out, you can sharpen the pen and continue painting.

Diamond Drill Wheel Pick-Up Pen

Wheel pick-up pens have an adhesive wheel on one end. They are useful for picking up multiple gems of the same color at once, making them ideal for large areas with identical colors.

Canvas Options

The canvas is the foundation of a diamond painting, and choosing the right canvas is crucial for a successful project.

Pre-Printed Canvas

Pre-printed canvases come with standard diamond painting kits and are recommended for beginners. They feature various themes and designs, making them easy to follow and complete.

Customized Canvas

For a more personalized touch, you can opt for customized canvases that allow you to recreate personal images using diamond painting. This is a great option for preserving cherished memories or creating unique gifts.

Blank Canvas

Blank canvases are suitable for experienced crafters who want to create their own unique designs. These canvases come with a printed grid pattern for guidance, but you’ll need to purchase diamonds separately.

Glue or Wax

Both glue and wax are used in diamond painting to hold the diamonds in place. Glue is used to transfer each differently-colored diamond to its location on the canvas. On the other hand, wax is applied to the pen, making it easier to pick up diamonds.

Diamond Trays

Diamond trays are small plastic boxes with grooved lines designed to hold and organize the diamond drills. They are especially useful for keeping the gems close together and within reach during the painting process.

Advanced Diamond Painting Tools

Light Pad

light pad is not a must-have accessory, but it significantly improves the visibility of the canvas by illuminating all diamond drills from below. This is especially beneficial for individuals with poor vision or those who prefer a clearer view of the color chart.

Diamond Organizer

A diamond organizer helps keep diamond drills and tools tidy, reducing the risk of losing or misplacing any of the diamonds during the painting process. Suitcase-style organizers with individual containers are popular choices for organizing diamond painting supplies.


While not essential, a magnifier can be a helpful tool for enhancing hand-eye coordination and providing a closer view of the tiny gems. Foldable magnifiers with LED lights are especially useful for individuals with vision problems.

Roller Tool

The roller tool is used to apply gentle pressure over the finished canvas to ensure that all diamond drills adhere securely to the adhesive. This tool evens out the painting’s entire surface and prepares it for framing.

Craft Table or Drawing Board

A comfortable craft table or drawing board is essential for diamond painting, as it allows for precise work and prevents strain on the neck and back. Look for a table with adjustable height and surface angle, as well as built-in storage compartments for organizing tools and drills.


Once the diamond painting is complete, applying a sealant helps hold everything in place and provides added protection. A sealant hardens the diamond painting, preventing the diamonds from popping out and giving the artwork more structure and sparkle.

Tips and Techniques for Using Diamond Painting Tools

Proper Grip and Positioning

Holding the diamond painting pen correctly and maintaining the right posture while painting is crucial for accuracy and comfort.

Sorting and Organizing Diamonds

Before starting your project, sort and organize the diamonds according to their colors, using the diamond trays or separate containers.

Transferring Diamonds to the Canvas

When using the drill pen, gently press it into the angled tip point and pick up the diamonds one by one. Press the diamonds onto the adhesive canvas, matching the color-coded scheme.

Dealing with Multi-Color Areas

In sections with multiple colors, use the drill pen with precision to avoid mixing up the colors.

Fixing Mistakes

If you make a mistake during the painting process, carefully remove the misplaced diamond with a pair of tweezers and correct the position.

Framing and Finishing the Diamond Painting

Choosing the Right Frame

When framing your completed diamond painting, choose a frame that complements the artwork. Avoid using glass as a covering, as it may dull the sparkle of the diamonds.

Stretcher Bar Frames and Art Canvases

Stretcher bar frames and regular art canvases can also be used to frame diamond paintings. Measure the painting to determine the appropriate size and border.


Diamond painting is a rewarding and creative craft that allows individuals to express their artistic talents. By utilizing the various 5D diamond painting tools available, enthusiasts can enhance their skills and create mesmerizing masterpieces. The combination of basic and advanced tools, along with helpful techniques, ensures a smooth and enjoyable diamond painting experience.


Diamond wax pens are practical and efficient for applying wax directly to the diamonds.

While not necessary, a light pad improves visibility, especially for those with poor vision.

Yes, blank canvases allow for free painting and the creation of unique designs.

Use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove misplaced diamonds and correct their positions.

Yes, regular art canvases can serve as frames for completed diamond paintings, providing a unique display option.

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