how to frame diamond painting with cardboard

How to Frame Diamond Painting with Cardboard?

Diamond painting has gained immense popularity as a therapeutic and creative craft activity. Once you’ve completed your dazzling diamond painting masterpiece, the next step is to consider how to preserve and display it. 

Framing your diamond painting not only protects it from dust and damage but also showcases your hard work and talent. In this article, we will explore a budget-friendly and creative option for framing diamond paintings with cardboard.

Understanding Diamond Painting Finishing

Before framing your diamond painting, it’s essential to inspect it for any missing drills and imperfections. Fill in any gaps with extra drills and ensure that all diamonds are firmly affixed to the canvas. Cleaning the surface of the diamond painting is crucial before proceeding to the framing stage.

To Seal or Not To Seal: Preserving Your Diamond Painting

Sealing your diamond painting is an optional step, but it offers several benefits. Sealing helps protect the beads and exposed canvas from accumulating dust and debris over time. We’ll explore different sealing options, including spray-on adhesive and the versatile Mod Podge.

Choosing the Right Cardboard for Framing

Cardboard is an excellent and cost-effective material for framing diamond paintings. When selecting cardboard, opt for sturdy and durable options that can securely hold the artwork.

Measuring and Trimming the Diamond Painting

Accurate measurements are crucial for a perfectly framed diamond painting. Measure the canvas size and determine the dimensions of the cardboard needed. Carefully trim the excess canvas, preparing the artwork for framing.

Attaching the Diamond Painting to Cardboard

Using glue, carefully attach the diamond painting to the cardboard. Ensure that all diamonds are firmly attached by using a brayer or rolling pin to apply consistent pressure.

Customizing the Frame with Cardboard

Cardboard framing allows for creative customization. Add a personal touch by decorating the cardboard frame with paint, washi tape, or other materials that complement the artwork’s design.

Display Options with Cardboard Framing

With a framed diamond painting, you have various display options. Consider the artwork’s size and style to determine the best way to showcase your creation.

DIY Frame vs. Professional Framing

Weigh the pros and cons of DIY cardboard framing and professional framing services. DIY framing is perfect for smaller pieces and offers a personal touch, while professional framing is ideal for larger or complex diamond paintings.

Tips for Caring and Maintenance

Learn how to properly care for your framed diamond painting to ensure its longevity. From storage to cleaning, these tips will help you preserve your artwork’s brilliance.


Framing your diamond painting with cardboard is a fantastic and budget-friendly way to display your artistic accomplishment. Not only does it protect your artwork, but it also adds a personal touch to the presentation. So, why wait? Try framing your diamond paintings with cardboard and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your creations beautifully displayed.


Yes, cardboard framing is suitable for various diamond painting sizes, from small to large.

Sealing is optional, but it can help protect your artwork and fill in imperfections.

Absolutely! Cardboard framing allows for creative customization, so feel free to add your personal touch.

For larger or complex pieces, professional framing can ensure a secure and professional display.

Use a soft brush to remove dust and a damp (not wet) cloth for gentle cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the artwork.

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