How to finish diamond painting with Mod Podge

How to Finish Diamond Painting with Mod Podge?

Diamond painting has gained immense popularity among craft enthusiasts, combining the joy of painting with the sparkle of diamonds. Once you’ve completed a diamond painting, taking the necessary steps to finish and protect it becomes crucial. 

Sealing the painting with a suitable sealant ensures the longevity of your artwork and allows you to display it proudly. In this article, we will explore how to finish diamond painting with Mod Podge, a versatile sealant that can provide both protection and a glossy finish.

Preparing the Diamond Painting

Before applying any sealant, it’s essential to ensure that your diamond painting is properly prepared. Follow these steps to get your painting ready for the finishing process:

  • Confirm that all diamonds are in the right place: Carefully examine your painting and make sure all the diamonds are in their correct spots. Once you seal the painting, it becomes challenging to reposition the diamonds. Use a pair of tweezers to adjust any misplaced diamonds.
  • Press down the diamonds with a roller: Place your diamond painting face-up on a flat and solid surface. Gently roll a roller or a rolling pin over the entire painting to ensure that all the diamonds are flat and securely adhered. This step helps in achieving an even finish.
  • Remove any hair or lint: Check the painting thoroughly, paying attention to the spaces between diamonds. Use a pair of tweezers to remove any hair or lint that may be stuck on the surface. It’s essential to have a clean painting before applying the sealant.
  • Clean the painting: Wipe the painting with a cloth or toothbrush to remove any dust or leftover wax or glue between the diamonds. Ensure that the surface is free from any debris that could affect the final result.

Understanding Mod Podge as a Sealant

Mod Podge is a popular sealant and adhesive that is commonly used in various craft projects. It is available in different formulas, such as gloss, matte, and glitter, allowing you to choose the desired finish for your diamond painting. 

When using Mod Podge as a sealant, it provides a protective layer over the diamonds, preserving their shine and securing them in place.

It’s important to note that the application of Mod Podge may alter the sparkle of the diamonds. Before sealing the entire painting, consider testing a small section to ensure the desired effect.

Brush-On Method with Mod Podge

The brush-on method is a popular choice for sealing diamond paintings with Mod Podge. Follow these steps to achieve a beautiful and protected finish:

  • Choose the right Mod Podge formula: Depending on your preference, select the appropriate Mod Podge formula for your desired finish. The gloss formula adds shine and enhances the colors, while the matte formula provides a subtle, non-reflective finish.
  • Apply a thin and even layer of Mod Podge: Dip a paintbrush into the Mod Podge and let any excess sealer drip off. Start in any corner or edge of the painting and apply the sealer in broad strokes, ensuring that it covers the entire surface. For better coverage, brush over each spot from multiple directions to allow the sealer to penetrate between the diamonds.
  • Let the sealer dry: After applying the Mod Podge, allow the painting to dry overnight on a flat surface where it won’t be disturbed. The drying time may vary based on the Mod Podge formula used, so refer to the instructions on the bottle.
  • Optional: Dilute Mod Podge for easier application: Some crafters prefer diluting Mod Podge with water in a 50/50 ratio to make the application smoother. Experiment with the dilution ratio to find the consistency that works best for you.

Spray-On Method with Mod Podge

Alternatively, you can use a spray-on Mod Podge sealant for a quick and even application. Here’s how to seal your diamond painting using this method:

  • Select a spray-on Mod Podge sealant: Look for a clear, spray-on Mod Podge product specifically designed for sealing crafts. Shake the bottle well to ensure the contents are properly mixed.
  • Spray a thin, even layer on the painting: Hold the spray bottle approximately 3-5 inches away from the painting. Spray short bursts while moving around the painting to avoid pooling the sealer. Ensure that the entire surface is covered with an even layer of the sealant.
  • Let the sealer dry: Similar to the brush-on method, allow the Mod Podge to dry overnight on a flat surface. Refer to the instructions on the spray bottle for the specific drying time.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Avoid touching the painting while it’s wet: To prevent leaving marks on the finish, avoid touching the painting until the sealant is completely dry.
  • Keep the painting flat during the drying process: Regardless of the sealing method used, it’s important to keep the painting flat to avoid any drips or streaks that may occur if the sealer is allowed to run or pool.
  • Experiment with different sealers: If you have multiple diamond paintings, consider trying different sealers on each one to find your preferred method and finish. Mod Podge offers a range of formulas, including glittered finishes, that can add a decorative touch to your artwork.


Sealing your diamond painting with Mod Podge provides an extra layer of protection and enhances its longevity. Whether you choose the brush-on or spray-on method, Mod Podge can help secure the diamonds in place and add a glossy or matte finish, depending on your preference. 

Remember to prepare your painting properly before sealing and follow the instructions provided on the Mod Podge bottle for the best results. Enjoy the process of finishing your diamond painting and proudly display your art for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mod Podge can be used on all types of diamond paintings, regardless of the size or complexity.

Mod Podge may slightly alter the shine of the diamonds, so it’s recommended to test a small section before applying it to the entire painting.

The drying time can vary depending on the Mod Podge formula and environmental conditions. It’s advisable to let the painting dry for at least 24 hours.

Yes, once the Mod Podge has dried completely, you can frame the diamond painting and display it with pride.

Sealing your diamond painting is optional but recommended for added protection and longevity. Assess the specific needs of each painting and decide accordingly.

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