how long does diamond painting take

How Long Does Diamond Painting Take?

Diamond painting is a popular craft that combines elements of paint-by-number and cross-stitch to create stunning, sparkling works of art. If you’re new to diamond painting, you might be wondering how long it takes to complete a project. It will take around 1 day to 1 weak.

In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the duration of diamond painting projects and provide some insights into the time commitment involved. So, let’s dive in and discover how long diamond painting takes!

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a craft that involves placing tiny resin “diamond” beads onto a preprinted canvas to create a vibrant and textured picture. The canvas is divided into squares or circles, each corresponding to a specific color and symbol. 

The diamonds, also known as drills, are picked up using a special applicator pen and placed onto the canvas, adhering to the sticky surface.

Factors Affecting Completion Time

Several factors contribute to the time it takes to complete a diamond painting project.

Size of the Painting

The size of the painting plays a significant role in determining the completion time. Larger paintings with more extensive canvas dimensions will naturally require more time to finish compared to smaller ones.

Complexity of the Design

The complexity of the design refers to the level of detail and intricacy in the artwork. Paintings with intricate patterns, fine lines, and a multitude of colors will generally take longer to complete compared to simpler designs.

Skill and Experience Level

Your skill and experience level in diamond painting will impact the time required to finish a project. Beginners may take longer as they familiarize themselves with the techniques and tools involved. 

As you gain experience and proficiency, you’ll likely work more efficiently and complete projects more quickly.

Time Availability

The amount of time you can dedicate to diamond painting each day or week also affects the completion time. If you have limited availability or can only work on the project sporadically, it will naturally take longer to finish.

Estimating Completion Time

It is challenging to provide an exact timeframe for completing a diamond painting due to the various factors involved. However, we can offer some general estimates based on common project sizes.

  • Small Paintings (20 cm x 20 cm or less): These projects typically take around 10 to 15 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the design and your skill level.
  • Medium Paintings (20 cm x 30 cm to 40 cm x 40 cm): Expect these projects to take anywhere from 15 to 25 hours.
  • Large Paintings (40 cm x 50 cm and above): Larger projects can range from 30 hours to over 100 hours, depending on their size, complexity, and your speed.

Keep in mind that these estimates are approximate, and individual completion times may vary.

Tips to Expedite the Process

If you want to complete your diamond painting more efficiently, here are some helpful tips:

  • Organize your diamond drills using a storage container or pillbox. This will save time searching for specific colors.
  • Work in a well-lit area with good lighting. Proper lighting will help you distinguish between the different colors and symbols on the canvas more easily.
  • Use a multi-diamond applicator tool or tweezers to pick up multiple drills at once. This technique can speed up the process, especially when working on larger areas with the same color.
  • Break down the project into smaller sections and focus on one section at a time. This approach helps maintain focus and prevents feeling overwhelmed by the entire canvas.

Enjoying the Journey

While completing a diamond painting project requires time and patience, it’s essential to enjoy the process. Diamond painting can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity, allowing you to unwind and express your creativity. 

Embrace the meditative quality of the craft and appreciate the gradual transformation of the canvas as you place each diamond in its designated spot.


The duration of a diamond painting project depends on several factors, including the size of the painting, complexity of the design, skill level, and time availability. Smaller and simpler projects can be completed in a matter of hours, while larger and more intricate designs may require weeks or even months. 

Remember, diamond painting is not just about the end result but also about the joy and fulfillment you experience along the way.


A1: The adhesive on the canvas typically dries on its own over time. Avoid using external heat sources or hairdryers as they may compromise the adhesive’s effectiveness.

A2: It’s recommended to roll up your diamond painting canvas with the adhesive side facing outward. Secure it with rubber bands or place it in a protective tube or storage container to prevent dust and damage.

A3: Yes, you can work on multiple projects simultaneously if you have the time and resources. Just ensure you have adequate space and organization to avoid mixing up the drills and designs.

A4: Some diamond painters use wax or a light mist of water on the applicator pen’s tip to help pick up the drills more easily. Additionally, using a light pad or lightbox can enhance visibility, especially when working with darker-colored drills.

A5: Absolutely! Once you’ve finished your diamond painting, you can frame it to preserve and showcase your masterpiece. There are various framing options available, such as traditional frames or floating frames, that can enhance the presentation of your artwork.

In conclusion, the completion time for a diamond painting project depends on various factors, including size, complexity, skill level, and time availability. By following the tips provided and enjoying the journey, you can create stunning diamond paintings at your own pace. Happy painting!

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