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How to Attach Diamond Painting to Foam Board?

Diamond painting is a popular and relaxing craft that allows artists to create stunning and sparkly masterpieces by placing tiny resin diamonds onto a canvas. Once you’ve completed your diamond painting, the next step is to display it proudly. Attaching your finished diamond painting to a foam board is an excellent option for a lightweight and cost-effective display. In this article, we will guide you through the process of attaching your diamond painting to foam board, step by step.

Preparing Your Diamond Painting

Before attaching your diamond painting to foam board, ensure that it is fully completed. Take your time to make any necessary touch-ups or adjustments to ensure a flawless finish.

Trim the Canvas

Measure and mark your desired cuts using a pencil. Carefully trim the canvas, leaving about two inches of excess canvas around the edges.

Trim the Foam Board

Using a ruler and a utility knife, cut the foam board to match the size of your trimmed canvas. Be precise and steady while cutting to achieve clean edges.

Attaching the Canvas to the Foam Board

There are two main methods for attaching your diamond painting to the foam board: using craft glue or spray adhesive. Both methods yield excellent results, so choose the one that suits your preferences.

Using Craft Glue

Apply craft glue to the back of the trimmed canvas, ensuring even coverage. Center the canvas over the foam board and press it down gently. Fold the excess canvas over the back of the foam board and glue it down firmly to create a neat and framed appearance.

Using Spray Adhesive

Spray adhesive is an excellent alternative to craft glue. Hold the spray adhesive several inches away from the foam board and lightly spray it. Wait for about 30 seconds to let it become tacky. Then, center the canvas over the foam board and gently press it down. Flip the foam board over and smooth out the canvas by pressing it down and away from the center.

Framing Options

Once your diamond painting is securely attached to the foam board, you have several framing options to enhance its presentation.

Gluing the Foam Board to a Frame

If you prefer a more traditional and elegant look, consider gluing the foam board with the diamond painting to a wooden or decorative frame. Use craft glue to attach the foam board to the frame, ensuring it is centered and aligned.

Using Stretcher Bars

For a DIY approach, use stretcher bars to create a canvas-like display. Stretch the canvas around the foam board, leaving a border on all sides. Secure the canvas to the stretcher bars using staples or glue.

Hanging Your Diamond Painting

After framing, it’s time to hang your diamond painting on the wall. There are various methods to display your artwork.

Using Ribbon or Rope

Attach a ribbon or rope to the back of the frame or stretcher bars to create a hanging display. Make sure the ribbon or rope is securely fastened to support the weight of the painting.

Using Picture Hangers

For foam board-mounted diamond paintings, picture hangers are a convenient option. Simply attach the hangers to the back of the foam board, ensuring they are evenly spaced for stable hanging.

Sealing Your Diamond Painting (Optional)

To preserve the shine and longevity of your diamond painting, consider sealing it with a clear acrylic sealer. This protective layer will prevent the diamonds from falling off and protect the painting from dust and moisture.


Attaching your diamond painting to foam board is an excellent way to display your beautiful creation. Whether you choose to frame it or hang it as is, the foam board provides a stable and lightweight base for your artwork. With these simple steps, you can proudly showcase your diamond painting in your home or gift it to someone special.


Yes, regular craft glue can be used as an alternative to spray adhesive. Apply the glue evenly to the back of the canvas before attaching it to the foam board.

Yes, you can frame your diamond painting directly, but using foam board adds stability and prevents warping.

Yes, you can hang your diamond painting directly on the wall using adhesive hooks or strips.

Stretcher bars are more suitable for larger diamond paintings. For smaller ones, a foam board or regular frame may be sufficient.

Sealing your diamond painting is optional but recommended for added protection and durability.

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