how to transport diamond painting without damage

How to Transport Diamond Painting Without Damage?

Diamond painting is a beloved craft that allows enthusiasts to create stunning artworks using colorful rhinestones or diamonds. However, these delicate creations require proper care, especially during transportation. 

Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, taking your diamond painting along can be an enjoyable experience. In this article, we will explore various tips and tricks to ensure your diamond painting remains safe and undamaged while on the go.

Rolling Up the Canvas

One of the key aspects of transporting diamond paintings is to properly roll up the canvas without causing any creases or damage to the artwork. Puzzle carriers can be lifesavers in this situation as they help keep the canvas tightly rolled and protected. Alternatively, you can use an old cardboard mailing tube to hold the canvas with the diamonds facing outward to avoid creasing.

Secure Diamond Storage

To prevent diamond spills and ensure the safety of your precious gems, it’s crucial to use spill-proof vials with screw-top lids. These vials keep the diamonds secure and minimize the risk of losing them during transportation. For added protection, invest in a durable case with a zipper and foam inserts to keep everything in place securely.

Protecting the Light Pad

For those who love using light pads while diamond painting, it’s essential to safeguard them during travel. Opt for an A4 padded portfolio case to fit your light pad and protect it on the road. If you’re traveling by airplane, wrap the light pad in T-shirts to provide extra cushioning in your suitcase.

Choosing a Smaller Kit for Travel

While your big diamond painting project at home might be your favorite, it’s not the most practical choice for travel. Instead, select a smaller kit, preferably 30×40 or smaller, to take along on your journey. You can also add a touch of fun by including bookmarks or keychains in the kit. To make diamond painting easier on the go, use a standard clipboard to provide a flat surface for your work.

Benefits of Traveling with Diamond Paintings

Bringing your diamond paintings on your trips allows you to experience comfort, relaxation, and focused concentration, even in a different setting. Moreover, these colorful and shiny creations are bound to attract attention, leading to curious inquiries from passersby. It’s an excellent opportunity to share your passion for diamond painting with others.

DIY Options for Storage

If you prefer DIY solutions, you can create custom storage options for your diamond paintings using household materials. For example, a foam board or plywood can be used to create a firm and secure storage area. You can even add a touch of creativity by using colored variants of foam boards or other materials.

Flattening Finished Diamond Paintings

When working on your diamond painting or after completing it, you may encounter creases or folds on the canvas. In such cases, a cold iron can be used to quickly flatten out these imperfections. Keeping the diamond painting flat during storage is essential to avoid any loosening of the beads and to maintain its overall appearance.

Repelling Moisture

Moisture can be detrimental to diamond paintings, causing damage or deterioration over time. To repel moisture during storage, consider using silica gel packets. These packets will help keep your diamond paintings dry and safe, especially during long periods of storage.

Framing and Displaying Diamond Paintings

Once you’ve completed your diamond painting, framing it adds the perfect finishing touch. Not only does framing protect the artwork, but it also allows you to proudly display your masterpiece. Choose a frame that complements your diamond painting’s style and find a suitable place to hang it for everyone to admire.

Temporary Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for temporary storage solutions, using masking tape and plastic cover can be effective. This method allows you to preview how your diamond painting will look when hung on the wall. Another temporary option is storing the painting under your bed mattress, ensuring the constant pressure keeps the beads in place.

Art Portfolio Cases for Professionals

For professional diamond painters or those with larger projects, investing in an art portfolio case is a wise choice. These cases offer ample space to store larger diamond paintings, providing protection and ease of transportation. Art portfolio cases are available in various sizes and can be purchased from art supplies stores or online.

Securing Tools and Accessories

As diamond painting involves various tools and accessories, it’s essential to keep them organized during travel. You can use additional storage solutions, such as small containers or bags, to secure beads, pens, and other equipment. Having everything in its place ensures you have everything you need for your diamond painting on the go.

Protecting the Canvas in Transit

During travel, it’s essential to protect the canvas from rough handling and potential damage. Consider wrapping the canvas in bubble wrap or soft cloth to provide an extra layer of protection. This precaution will help preserve the quality of your diamond painting throughout the journey.


Transporting diamond paintings without damage is crucial to preserve the effort and artistry put into creating these beautiful pieces. By following the tips provided in this article, you can ensure your diamond paintings remain safe and intact during travel. From using secure vials for diamond storage to choosing smaller kits for convenience, these practices will enhance your diamond painting experience on the go.


Yes, you can bring your diamond painting on a plane, but it’s essential to pack it securely to avoid any damage during travel.

Use a cold iron to gently flatten creases or folds on your diamond painting. Be cautious not to apply too much heat or pressure.

Framing your finished diamond painting not only protects it but also allows you to proudly display your masterpiece.

It’s best to avoid storing diamond paintings in a humid environment, as moisture can damage the canvas and loosen the beads.

Yes, you can store multiple unfinished diamond paintings together, but ensure they are adequately protected and separated to avoid any damage.

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