how to display diamond painting without hanging

How to Display Diamond Painting Without Hanging?

Diamond painting has become a popular and rewarding craft for many art enthusiasts. The process of placing tiny resin diamonds on a canvas to create dazzling and vibrant artwork is not only therapeutic but also results in stunning masterpieces. Once you’ve completed your diamond paintings, the next step is to find creative and beautiful ways to display them around your home.

In this article, we will explore various methods to display diamond paintings without hanging them on the wall. From using easel stands and decorative display options to DIY frames and magnetic solutions, we will cover a range of unique and stylish ideas that allow you to showcase your diamond art in the best possible way.

Displaying Diamond Painting on Easel Stands

Easel stands offer an elegant and versatile option for displaying your finished diamond paintings. These stands come in various sizes and materials, such as wood and metal. They provide a stable base that holds the canvas upright, allowing you to admire your artwork from any angle. 

Easel stands are particularly suitable for showcasing larger diamond paintings that may be challenging to hang on the wall.

To use an easel stand, simply place the canvas between the two strips on both ends of the stand and secure it with included magnets or screws. To protect your artwork, consider adding felt bumpers to the insides of the strips, ensuring they press against the canvas instead of the stand.

Using Decorative Display Stands

Decorative display stands offer a stylish and eye-catching way to showcase your diamond paintings. These stands are available in various designs and can complement your home decor. 

When selecting a display stand, consider its size and weight capacity to accommodate your diamond painting properly.

Arranging multiple paintings on a decorative display stand can create an appealing gallery-like effect. Experiment with different placements and angles to find the most visually pleasing arrangement.

Mounting Diamond Paintings on Foam Boards

Mounting your diamond paintings on foam boards is an excellent option for a clean and professional display. Foam boards provide a sturdy backing that prevents the canvas from bending or wrinkling. This method is particularly useful for diamond paintings that have not been framed but still need a stable surface for display.

To mount your diamond painting on a foam board, lay the painting face down on a clean surface and carefully position the foam board on the back. Use adhesive to attach the canvas to the board, ensuring it is smooth and free of air bubbles.Once mounted, you can display your foam-backed diamond painting on shelves, tabletops, or easel stands.

DIY Display Frames for Diamond Paintings

Creating your own DIY frames is a fantastic way to personalize the display of your diamond paintings. By making custom frames, you can choose the colors and materials that complement your artwork and home decor.

To make a DIY frame, you will need some basic materials like wooden boards, paint, glue, and optional embellishments like rhinestones or beads. Measure the dimensions of your diamond painting and cut the boards accordingly. 

Paint the boards in your desired colors and assemble them to form the frame. You can further customize the frame with decorative elements for a unique and stylish display.

Magnetic Display Options

Magnetic display options provide a convenient and flexible way to showcase your diamond paintings. Magnetic boards or surfaces can securely hold the canvas without any adhesive or nails, preserving the integrity of your artwork.

To use magnetic display options, attach small magnetic strips to the back of your diamond painting. Then, place the painting on the magnetic surface, which could be a magnetic whiteboard, metal sheet, or even the refrigerator door. This allows you to change the display location easily and rotate different paintings for a fresh look.

Floating Shelves for Diamond Art

Floating shelves offer a modern and minimalistic way to display diamond paintings without hanging them on the wall. These shelves provide a clean and streamlined look, allowing your artwork to take center stage.

To install floating shelves, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for secure mounting. Arrange your diamond paintings on the shelves, playing with various orientations and spacing to create an aesthetically pleasing display.

Picture Ledges and Display Ledges

Picture ledges and display ledges are excellent alternatives to traditional wall-hung frames. These ledges provide a small ledge-like platform where you can rest your diamond paintings without the need for nails or hooks.

Picture ledges come in various lengths and materials, such as wood or metal. Choose ledges that match your decor style and accommodate the size of your diamond paintings. Arrange the paintings on the ledges, layering them for a visually interesting and dynamic display.

Utilizing Decorative Plate Stands

Decorative plate stands offer a unique and unexpected way to showcase your diamond paintings. These stands typically have intricate designs and can hold various sizes of canvas.

To display your diamond painting on a plate stand, adjust the stand to the appropriate size and gently rest the canvas on the stand’s supportive arms. Choose plate stands with colors or designs that complement your artwork for a cohesive and artistic display.

Displaying Diamond Art in Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes provide a beautiful and elegant option for displaying diamond paintings with a three-dimensional effect. These boxes have a depth that allows the artwork to stand out from the background, creating a stunning visual impact.

To display your diamond art in a shadow box, first, measure the dimensions of your canvas and select a shadow box of suitable size. Securely attach the diamond painting to the back of the shadow box, ensuring it remains centered and taut. You can hang the shadow box on the wall or place it on a tabletop for an eye-catching display.

Using Easel Backs for Tabletop Display

Easel backs are convenient and easy-to-use stands that allow you to display your diamond paintings on tabletops, desks, or mantelpieces. These backs provide a sturdy support that holds the canvas at a comfortable viewing angle.

To use an easel back, simply attach it to the back of your diamond painting. The easel back will prop up the canvas, allowing you to showcase your artwork without the need for hanging.

Creating a Gallery Wall Without Hanging

Creating a gallery wall without hanging involves utilizing alternative methods to display your diamond paintings together on a wall surface. This approach is ideal for those who prefer not to use nails or hooks on their walls.

One option is to use adhesive strips or hooks designed specifically for damage-free wall mounting. These strips can securely hold your diamond paintings without leaving any residue when removed. 

Arrange your paintings on the wall in a gallery-style arrangement, mixing different sizes and orientations for a visually engaging display.

Rotating Diamond Paintings on Display Stands

Rotating your displayed diamond paintings can bring a sense of freshness and excitement to your home decor. A rotating display allows you to change the focal point periodically and highlight different artworks.

Using a turntable display stand or lazy susan, you can easily rotate your diamond paintings without the need to handle each canvas individually. This adds a dynamic element to your display, keeping it visually interesting for both you and your guests.

Utilizing Bookshelves and Bookends

Bookshelves provide a fantastic backdrop for showcasing your diamond paintings alongside your favorite books and decor. By incorporating bookends, you can further support your diamond art and add stability to the display.

Arrange your diamond paintings on different shelves, mixing them with books and decorative items for a unique and charming display. You can also coordinate the colors and themes of your diamond art with the surrounding books to create a cohesive look.

Storing and Displaying Diamond Art in Albums

If you have a collection of completed diamond paintings and limited display space, using albums is an efficient and organized way to store and showcase your artwork. Diamond painting albums are designed specifically to hold and protect your canvases.

To use an album, carefully insert your diamond paintings into the clear sleeves provided. This keeps your artwork safe from dust and damage while allowing you to easily flip through the pages and admire your creations.


Displaying diamond paintings without hanging them on the wall opens up a world of creative and versatile options. From using easel stands and decorative display solutions to mounting on foam boards and exploring magnetic displays, there are numerous ways to showcase your diamond art beautifully. 

Choose the method that best suits your style and space, and enjoy the beauty of your completed masterpieces throughout your home.


While regular picture frames can work for displaying diamond paintings, they may not provide the best fit and support. Custom framing or using alternative display methods may be more suitable.

Some display options, like easel stands and decorative display stands, may have size limitations. Check the product specifications before choosing a display method.

Absolutely! Mixing different display methods can add visual interest and create a unique display in your living space.

Use a soft cloth to dust the display stands and shelves regularly. For wood surfaces, consider using wood polish to maintain their luster.

Yes, rotating and changing the display of your diamond paintings can keep your home decor fresh and engaging. Consider using turntable display stands or magnetic options for easy rotation.

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