diamond painting how to flatten curled canvas

Diamond Painting – How to Flatten Curled Canvas?

Diamond painting has captured the hearts of craft enthusiasts worldwide with its meditative and creative appeal. However, one common challenge faced by diamond painters is dealing with a curled canvas upon unboxing their kits. 

A curled canvas can be frustrating and hinder the smooth application of diamonds. In this article, we will explore various methods to flatten a curled diamond painting canvas without causing any damage.

Understanding the Causes of Curled Canvas

Before delving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand why diamond painting canvases arrive curled. The canvases are rolled to fit into compact packaging during shipping, causing creases and curls. Additionally, the type of adhesive used can influence the extent of curling.

Preparing the Canvas for Flattening

Before attempting to flatten the canvas, inspect it for any damages or defects. Identifying the type of adhesive used is crucial, as certain methods are best suited for specific adhesives.

Method 1: Reverse Rolling the Canvas

One effective way to flatten the canvas is by reverse rolling it. Lay the canvas on a flat surface, printed side down, and gently roll it in the opposite direction of the curl. Let it sit rolled up for a few hours or overnight, and when unrolled, the canvas should be noticeably flatter.

Method 2: Peeling and Resticking Protective Plastic

For canvases with poured-glue adhesive, gently peel back a portion of the protective covering from one corner and reapply it on the surface. Repeat this process on all sides, and the canvas will start to flatten. This method helps to release any trapped air bubbles and smoothen wrinkles.

Method 3: Using Weighted Objects

Another effective technique involves using heavy objects like books or mattresses to weigh down the canvas and flatten it. Tape the canvas on a flat surface and place the heavy objects on top. Leave it overnight, and the weight will gradually flatten the canvas.

Method 4: Wrinkle Release Spray

For stubborn creases, a wrinkle release spray can work wonders. You can purchase a ready-to-use spray or create a DIY version by mixing water, fabric softener, and rubbing alcohol. Apply the spray on the back of the canvas and let it dry to see creases fade away.

Method 5: Ironing the Canvas

While this method requires extra caution, it can be highly effective. Set your iron to a low heat setting, place a thin cotton cloth or parchment paper over the wrinkled area, and gently press the iron in circular motions. Check the canvas regularly and repeat the process if needed.

Method 6: Heating Pad Technique

Using a heating pad can also help relax the canvas fibers and remove creases. Sandwich the heating pad between two towels, lay the canvas on top with the design side facing upward, and place a paper sheet on the canvas. Weigh it down with books and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Canvas Curling

To prevent canvas curling, store and handle your diamond painting kits carefully. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and store them flat to maintain their original shape.

Potential Risks and Precautions

While the methods mentioned above are effective, they come with some risks. Be cautious when using heat to avoid damaging the canvas or adhesive. Always test any method on a small area first.


Flattening a curled diamond painting canvas is a straightforward process with several effective methods to choose from. By reverse rolling, using weight, or employing wrinkle release sprays, crafters can enjoy a smooth and satisfying diamond painting experience. Always exercise caution, choose the appropriate method for your canvas type, and avoid excessive heat to preserve the canvas’s integrity. With a flattened canvas, your diamond painting journey will be nothing short of delightful.

FAQs After The Conclusion?

A: It is not recommended to use a hairdryer, as the heat and force of air may damage the canvas and adhesive.

A: If creases persist, gently smooth out the canvas during the diamond application process. The diamonds will cover most imperfections.

A: It’s best to avoid ironing canvases with double-sided tape, as it may weaken the adhesive.

A: To prevent curling after completing your diamond painting, frame it under glass or mount it on a sturdy backing board.

A: Flattened canvases will maintain their shape if stored flat or rolled tightly with protective covering.

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