how to attach diamond painting to wood

How to Attach Diamond Painting to Wood?

Diamond painting is a popular and creative hobby that involves placing colorful resin diamonds onto a canvas, following a pattern to create stunning artwork. Once you have completed your diamond painting masterpiece, you’ll want to display it proudly. 

One fantastic option is attaching diamond painting to wood, which offers a rustic and elegant presentation. In this guide, we will explore different methods and techniques for securely mounting your diamond painting onto wood, ensuring that your hard work shines brightly for all to admire.

Preparing Your Diamond Painting

Before you embark on attaching your diamond painting to wood, it’s essential to ensure that your project is complete and flawless. Take the time to meticulously place each diamond in its designated spot, ensuring that the overall design looks stunning. 

Additionally, consider sealing your finished diamond painting to protect the diamonds and enhance the vibrancy of the colors.

Choosing the Right Wood Surface

To showcase your diamond painting effectively, selecting the right wood surface is crucial. You can choose from various wood types, such as plywood, MDF board, or hardwood. Consider factors like the painting’s size, weight, and the level of durability you desire.

Gluing Methods

To attach your diamond painting to wood securely, you’ll need to use appropriate adhesives. Wood glue from reputable brands like Elmer’s might not provide the strong bond needed for this project. 

Instead, consider trying E6000 adhesive, known for its excellent bonding properties. Alternatively, using diamond-specific glues like Dotz Stick from Diamond Dotz or Aileen’s Tack-It Over and Over can be a viable option.

Mounting Techniques

There are various mounting techniques to consider when attaching your diamond painting to wood. One option involves gluing your finished canvas to a blank pre-stretched canvas, making the process more straightforward with no stretching or stapling required. 

Another method includes applying stretcher bars to your finished canvas, resulting in a beautiful display with added depth. Alternatively, you can mount your painting to a foam board or cardboard, creating a flat, borderless presentation.

Framing Options

If you prefer a more professional and refined look, consider using poster frames, which can be purchased affordably from craft or hobby stores. Thrift shops can also be treasure troves for finding unique and affordable frames that match the size of your diamond painting. 

For those who prefer to leave the framing to the experts, professional mounting and framing services at craft stores are available, allowing you to choose your frame and matte from a wide array of options. On the other hand, traditional picture frames offer a classic and timeless display for your diamond painting.

Display Tips and Creative Ideas

Enhance the visual appeal of your diamond painting display by adding small photographs relevant to your painting, filling any blank spaces creatively. 

Turn your mounting options into hanging frames by attaching ribbons or ropes to the frame. Always remember to glue your painting to the back of the frame to prevent slippage, especially if you choose store-bought frames.


Attaching diamond painting to wood is a fantastic way to showcase your artistic skills and creativity. Whether you choose to use wood glue, E6000 adhesive, or diamond glues, the key is to ensure a strong and secure bond. 

With the right mounting techniques and framing options, you can create a beautiful and unique display that will be the centerpiece of any room.


While regular glue might be less effective, specific adhesives like E6000 or diamond glues provide a stronger bond for this project.

Plywood, MDF board, and hardwood are all suitable wood types for mounting diamond paintings.

Sealing your finished diamond painting can protect the diamonds and enhance the colors, ensuring a vibrant display.

Use appropriate glues and follow the recommended mounting techniques, such as gluing your canvas to a pre-stretched canvas or using stretcher bars.

Yes, thrift shop frames can be a great and affordable option for showcasing your diamond painting. Just ensure the frame matches the painting’s size.

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