What adhesive putties are good for attaching diamond painting drills

What Adhesive Putties Are Good for Attaching Diamond Painting Drills?

Diamond painting has gained popularity as a creative and relaxing craft, where intricate designs are created by placing tiny resin drills onto a canvas. To ensure that the drills stay securely in place, the use of adhesive putties is crucial. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of good adhesive putties for diamond painting and recommend some popular options.

Characteristics of Good Adhesive Putties for Diamond Painting

When selecting adhesive putties for attaching diamond painting drills, certain characteristics should be considered to ensure optimal results.

Strong Adhesion: 

The putty should provide a strong and reliable bond between the drills and the canvas. This ensures that the drills stay in place even when the painting is moved or hung.

Non-Toxic and Safe to Use: 

It is essential to choose putties that are non-toxic and safe for use. This ensures that the artist can work without any health concerns and that the finished artwork is safe to handle.

Removable and Reusable: 

Some artists prefer putties that allow for easy removal and repositioning of drills. This flexibility is especially useful when making adjustments or corrections during the diamond painting process.

Compatibility with Different Surfaces: 

The putty should adhere well to different surfaces commonly used in diamond painting, such as canvas or adhesive sheets. This versatility allows artists to work on various projects without worrying about compatibility issues.

Drying Time and Transparency: 

The putty should have an appropriate drying time, allowing for efficient work and reducing the risk of smudging. Additionally, it should dry transparently, ensuring that it doesn’t alter the appearance or sparkle of the finished diamond painting.

Popular Adhesive Putties for Diamond Painting

Several adhesive putties are popular among diamond painting enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Scented Diamond Painting Putty: 

This type of putty not only provides adhesion but also adds a pleasant scent to the artwork. It is a unique option for those who want to enhance their diamond painting experience.

Screw Top Wax Holder: 

A wax holder with a screw top design ensures that the wax remains secure and prevents it from drying out. This convenient tool allows artists to have easy access to the wax while working on their diamond painting projects.

Tacky Adhesive for Diamond Painting Drills: 

Tacky adhesive putties specifically designed for diamond painting drills offer a reliable and long-lasting bond. They are available in various colors to suit different preferences.

Brush-On Sealers:

Brush-on sealers serve as an all-in-one solution, combining adhesive, sealer, and finish in one product. They are water-resistant and suitable for mounting diamond paintings without glass, making it easier to dust and maintain the artwork.

Aerosol Spray Sealers: 

Aerosol spray sealers provide a crystal-clear finish to diamond paintings. While they don’t function as glue, they help retain the sparkle of the diamonds over time. They are quick-drying and waterproof, allowing for easy application.

Recommended Adhesive Putties for Diamond Painting

Among the various options available, certain adhesive putties have gained popularity among diamond painting enthusiasts. Here are some recommended choices:

DecoArt’s Triple Thick Glaze: 

DecoArt’s Triple Thick Glaze is a brush-on sealer known for its perfect consistency. It ensures that the canvas becomes firm and sturdy while retaining the sparkle of the diamonds. For a slightly more affordable alternative, Mod Podge is a classic choice.

Aqua Mono Glue: 

Aqua Mono Glue is a water-based glue that provides a strong bond and preserves the shine of the diamonds. It is easy to apply and dries clear, making it an excellent option for sealing diamond paintings.

Diamond Glaze: 

Diamond Glaze is a dimensional adhesive that not only seals the diamond painting but also enhances its appearance. It provides a glossy finish, adding an extra layer of shine to the artwork.

Tips for Using Adhesive Putties in Diamond Painting

To ensure the best results when using adhesive putties in diamond painting, consider the following tips:

Properly Setting the Diamonds: 

Before applying the putty or sealer, ensure that all diamonds are properly set. Apply gentle pressure or use a rolling pin to flatten the canvas and secure the diamonds tightly.

Applying the Sealer or Putty: 

Use a suitable brush or applicator to apply the sealer or putty evenly on the canvas. Follow the product instructions for the best application technique.

Sealing Partial Drill Kits and Round Drill Kits: 

Adhesive putties and sealers work equally well with both partial drill kits and round drill kits. Adjust the application technique based on the shape and type of drills used in the kit.

Handling and Storageof Sealed Diamond Paintings: 

Once the diamond painting is sealed, take precautions to protect it during handling and storage. Avoid scratching the surface by placing a protective layer, such as an old T-shirt, between the painting and any sharp objects. Store the painting in a portfolio or frame it to prevent dust and damage.


Choosing the right adhesive putty for attaching diamond painting drills is essential to ensure the longevity and integrity of the artwork. Consider the characteristics of strong adhesion, non-toxicity, reusability, compatibility, and drying time when selecting the putty. Popular options such as scented putty, screw top wax holders, tacky adhesives, brush-on sealers, and aerosol spray sealers offer different advantages. Recommended adhesive putties include DecoArt’s Triple Thick Glaze, Mod Podge, Aqua Mono Glue, and Diamond Glaze. By following proper techniques and handling precautions, artists can enjoy their sealed diamond paintings for years to come.


Yes, adhesive putties can be used with partial drill kits. However, be cautious to avoid getting the putty on areas of the canvas without diamonds.

Yes, adhesive putties work just as well with round drill kits as they do with square drill kits.

To straighten bent tweezers, gently apply pressure to the bent tips using pliers until they are realigned.

The recommended adhesive putties can be found at various retailers such as craft stores, online marketplaces, and specialized diamond painting supply stores.

It is not recommended to roll up a diamond painting after sealing it, as this may cause the putty or sealer to crack or peel off. It’s best to store the painting flat or framed to maintain its integrity.

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