What are AB drills in diamond painting

What are AB Drills in Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a popular craft activity that involves placing small resin drills, also known as diamonds or rhinestones, onto a canvas to create stunning and sparkling images. Among the different types of drills used in diamond painting, AB drills hold a special place due to their unique characteristics and effects. In this article, we will explore what AB drills are, how they are used, and where to find them.

Characteristics of AB Drills

AB drills, also known as Aurora Borealis drills, are named after the captivating natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. These drills have a special coating that simulates the colors and shimmering effect of the Northern Lights. When light hits the surface of AB drills, it creates a mesmerizing and ethereal glow that adds an extra dimension to the finished diamond painting. The coating on AB drills gives them an opalescent effect, making them appear different from regular resin diamonds. It’s important to note that AB drills are not a separate brand or color; they are regular diamond drills with an added coating to achieve the desired effect. This means that AB drills can be used as accents in a diamond painting without requiring any adjustments to the overall color scheme.

Using AB Drills in Diamond Painting

One of the primary purposes of AB drills is to accentuate specific areas of the painting and create a glowing effect. By strategically placing AB drills in certain sections, you can enhance the sparkle and overall visual appeal of your artwork. These drills work particularly well in highlighting backgrounds, adding a touch of magic to night scenes, or creating a focal point for specific elements of the painting. When using AB drills, it’s important to strike a balance between their usage and the regular resin diamonds. Overusing AB drills can diminish the overall effect and make the painting appear cluttered or unbalanced. It is generally recommended to use AB drills as accents sparingly, focusing on key areas that will benefit the most from their shimmering effect.

Where to Buy AB Drills

As the popularity of diamond painting grows, the availability of AB drills has also increased. While there might not be as many suppliers for AB drills as there are for regular resin diamonds, platforms like AliExpress offer a variety of AB drill options. These drills are typically available in different colors and can be purchased in bags or kits. A typical bag of regular resin drills contains around 200 pieces, and AB drills are often included in smaller quantities or as part of specialized kits. When purchasing AB drills, it’s important to ensure the reliability and reputation of the supplier. Reading customer reviews and checking for reputable sellers can help ensure you receive high-quality AB drills for your diamond painting projects.

Advantages and Considerations

The shimmer and ethereal quality of AB drills offer a unique touch to diamond paintings. They can transform a regular painting into a magical scene, adding depth and visual interest to the artwork. The opalescent effect of AB drills catches the light and creates a captivating display that captures the viewer’s attention. However, it is crucial to keep in mind the placement and balance of AB drills within the painting. Properly incorporating AB drills requires careful consideration to avoid overpowering the other elements or losing the intended aesthetic of the artwork. By using AB drills strategically and sparingly, you can achieve a harmonious and enchanting result.


AB drills, or Aurora Borealis drills, are a special type of resin diamonds used in diamond painting to create a shimmering and ethereal effect reminiscent of the Northern Lights. These drills have a unique coating that adds an opalescent quality to the finished artwork, enhancing its sparkle and visual appeal. When used sparingly and strategically, AB drills can transform a diamond painting into a magical and captivating masterpiece.


AB drills are typically used as accents rather than replacements for regular resin diamonds. They add a special touch to specific areas of the painting, enhancing the overall sparkle and glow. Using AB drills sparingly and strategically can create a beautiful and balanced composition.

The quantity of AB drills in a bag or kit can vary depending on the supplier and the specific product. Typically, AB drills are included in smaller quantities compared to regular resin diamonds. It’s advisable to check the product description or contact the seller for information regarding the number of AB drills included.

The pricing of AB drills can vary depending on the supplier and the quantity purchased. In general, AB drills may be slightly more expensive than regular resin diamonds due to the additional coating and special effects. However, the price difference is usually not significant, and the unique visual impact of AB drills can make them worth the investment for many diamond painting enthusiasts.

Yes, you can mix different shapes of AB drills, such as round and square, in your diamond painting. Mixing shapes can create an interesting mosaic-like effect, adding more depth and texture to the artwork. Experimenting with different combinations of AB drills can result in a truly unique and personalized diamond painting.

Working with AB drills is similar to working with regular resin diamonds in diamond painting. The key is to ensure precise placement and alignment to achieve the desired effect. Using a wax pad or tweezers can help in picking up and placing AB drills accurately. It’s also helpful to work in good lighting conditions to better appreciate the opalescent effect of the drills.

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