What are the DMC numbers of K088 diamond painting

What are the DMC Numbers of K088 Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting has become a popular craft activity that allows individuals to create stunning mosaic-like artworks using small resin diamonds. One essential aspect of diamond painting is the color-coding system used to identify and organize the different diamond colors. In this article, we will explore the DMC numbers associated with the K088 diamond painting kit and understand how they play a crucial role in the diamond painting process.

Understanding DMC Numbers

DMC numbers refer to a standardized color-coding system used in various craft communities, including diamond painting. The term “DMC” stands for Dollfus-Mieg and Company, a French textile company that has been producing embroidery floss and yarn since 1746. The DMC color chart assigns a unique number to each color, making it easier to identify and match specific shades.

The Significance of DMC Numbers in Diamond Painting

In diamond painting, DMC numbers serve several purposes. Firstly, they provide a universal system for categorizing and organizing the different diamond colors. With 447 different DMC numbers available, diamond painters can easily sort and store their spare diamonds, ensuring a neat and efficient workspace.

Furthermore, DMC numbers enable diamond painters to expand their creativity by combining colors from different kits. If you have leftover diamonds from previous projects or want to create a custom diamond painting, knowing the DMC numbers allows you to match and merge colors seamlessly.

Exploring the K088 Diamond Painting Kit

The K088 diamond painting kit is known for its exquisite design and vibrant colors. Before diving into the specific DMC numbers associated with this kit, it’s important to note that DMC numbers may vary slightly between different manufacturers. However, the basic color-coding system remains consistent.

DMC Number Chart for K088 Diamond Painting

Here is a DMC number chart for the K088 diamond painting kit, providing a reference for the different colors included:

DMC NumberColor Name
437Light Tan
632Desert Sand
819Light Baby Pink
975Dark Golden Brown
3852Dark Straw
3865Winter White

Please note that this chart represents only a selection of colors in the K088 diamond painting kit. Refer to the kit’s packaging or accompanying materials for a complete list of DMC numbers.

Using DMC Numbers for Sorting and Organization

One of the key advantages of using DMC numbers in diamond painting is the ability to sort and store spare diamonds effectively. By labeling storage containers or using DMC number stickers, diamond painters can easily locate and access specific colors when working on their projects. This systematic approach ensures a smooth and enjoyable diamond painting experience.

Matching DMC Numbers with Other Diamond Painting Kits

DMC numbers provide a bridge between different diamond painting kits. If you have multiple kits from various brands, you can use the DMC number system to identify equivalent colors and create cohesive artwork by combining diamonds from different sources. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for diamond painters, allowing them to unleash their creativity beyond the boundaries of individual kits.

Customizing K088 Diamond Painting with DMC Numbers

While the K088 diamond painting kit comes with its own set of colors and corresponding DMC numbers, diamond painters can also experiment and customize their artwork by incorporating additional colors. By referring to DMC conversion charts available online, you can find corresponding DMC numbers for colors not included in the original kit. This enables you to create unique and personalized diamond paintings that truly reflect your artistic vision.

Tips for Finding Replacement Diamonds with DMC Numbers

In the unfortunate event of running out of a particular color in your K088 diamond painting kit, finding replacement diamonds can be challenging. However, by knowing the DMC number of the missing color, you can search for individual diamonds or diamond packets online or in specialized diamond painting stores. Be aware that slight color variations may exist between different manufacturers, so it’s essential to compare samples or consult customer reviews to ensure a close match.

The Importance of Accurate DMC Color Representation

When working on a diamond painting, accurate color representation is crucial for achieving the desired artistic outcome. While DMC numbers provide a standardized system, it’s important to consider factors such as lighting conditions and individual perception. Variations in monitor settings or printing quality may lead to slight discrepancies between the displayed colors and the actual diamonds. It is advisable to rely on physical color swatches or samples whenever possible to ensure the closest match to the intended color.


DMC numbers play a significant role in the world of diamond painting, providing a universal color-coding system that allows enthusiasts to identify, sort, and organize their diamond collections. The K088 diamond painting kit, like many others, can be enhanced and customized using DMC numbers, expanding the creative possibilities for diamond painters. By understanding the DMC number system and its applications, diamond painters can embark on their artistic journeys with confidence, knowing that they have a comprehensive tool to express their creativity.


No, DMC numbers may vary slightly between different diamond painting brands. It’s important to refer to the specific color chart provided by the brand or kit you are using for accurate color identification.

The DMC numbers for the colors in the K088 kit can be found in the kit’s packaging or accompanying materials. They are usually listed alongside the color names or on a separate chart.

Yes, DMC numbers can be used to create custom color schemes in diamond painting. By referring to DMC conversion charts and finding equivalent DMC numbers for desired colors, you can personalize your artwork and explore endless creative combinations.

If you encounter a K088 diamond painting kit without DMC numbers, you can reach out to the manufacturer or supplier for assistance. They should be able to provide you with the necessary color information or offer a replacement kit.

While DMC numbers are widely used and recognized in the diamond painting community, there are alternative color-coding systems available. However, substituting DMC numbers with other systems may require additional research and conversion charts to ensure accurate color matching.

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