how to store diamond painting drills

How to Store Diamond Painting Drills?

Diamond painting is an incredibly popular and enjoyable craft that involves creating stunning artwork by placing tiny resin drills onto a canvas, guided by a printed pattern. As diamond painters immerse themselves in the creative process, they often work with thousands of these small diamonds, which can quickly become overwhelming without proper organization. 

In this article, we will delve into essential tips and tricks to keep diamond drills organized, ensuring a clean and efficient workspace that enhances the overall diamond painting experience.

Using Ziploc Baggies

One of the simplest and most effective ways to store diamond drills is by utilizing ziploc baggies. Many diamond painting kits come with these baggies, making them readily available for storage. To properly store drills using ziploc baggies:

  • Cut off one side of the diamond package to access the diamonds easily.
  • Pour the diamonds into the baggie and securely close the ziploc.
  • Prevent static electricity by using a square cut piece of a dryer sheet and rubbing it along the interior surfaces of the baggie.
  • Cut out the DMC code on the purple strip from the packaging.
  • Lay the DMC coded purple piece on top of the baggie, facing upwards.
  • Secure it with a piece of clear plastic by laying it on top.

Using ziploc baggies not only keeps the drills organized but also preserves their quality for future use.

Alternative Storage Solutions

While ziploc baggies are a popular choice, some diamond painters may prefer alternative storage methods. One such option is restaurant sauce containers, which are affordable and easy to use. These containers allow for quick access to drills while keeping them separated and organized. 

Additionally, bead storage or compartmental containers provide a more comprehensive solution, especially for diamond painters with large collections of drills. Bead organizers come in various sizes, with multiple compartments that can hold different colors of drills. This method is ideal for seasoned diamond painters who want to keep their drills neatly arranged.

Gluing DMC Drills

A clever way to enhance organization during the diamond painting process is by gluing the DMC drills next to their corresponding codes and symbols on the canvas. This involves a bit of preparation but can significantly streamline the painting process. 

By doing so, diamond painters can quickly identify the colors they plan to use without fumbling through bags or containers. The effort invested in gluing the drills is rewarded with a smoother and more efficient painting experience.

Using Bead Organizers

For those seeking a comprehensive storage solution, bead organizers are a worthy investment. These containers are designed specifically for organizing beads and drills, with each compartment holding different colors and numbers of drills. 

Bead organizers come in various sizes and configurations, allowing diamond painters to customize their storage system according to their needs. By utilizing bead organizers, diamond painters can enjoy a clutter-free and well-arranged workspace that sparks joy and creativity.

DIY Storage Ideas

For crafters who prefer a more creative and budget-friendly approach, there are several DIY storage ideas using household items. Egg cartons, for instance, can be repurposed to separate drills by color, and writing the color number on each section ensures easy identification. 

Old shoe boxes can also be transformed into makeshift organizers for accessories like drills, wax, and tweezers. By exploring DIY storage solutions, diamond painters can showcase their ingenuity while keeping their work area tidy and organized.

Organizing In-Progress Projects

Many diamond painting projects are not completed in one sitting, necessitating a reliable method of storing in-progress work. A simple DIY portfolio cover can be created using two pieces of cardboard large enough to cover the painting. 

Stapling them together at the top and side allows painters to easily slide the project into the folder, keeping it safe until the next painting session. This approach ensures that unfinished projects remain intact, and painters can resume their work with ease.

Labeling and Identification

A key element of diamond painting drill storage is effective labeling and identification. Each drill container or organizer should be clearly labeled with its corresponding color code, as specified in the diamond art painting instructions. 

This prevents mix-ups and ensures that diamond painters can quickly locate the right color drills when needed. Maintaining a well-organized labeling system is essential for a seamless and enjoyable diamond painting experience.

Maintaining a Clean Workspace

An organized workspace is essential for any artist, and diamond painters are no exception. Keeping a clean and clutter-free workspace not only enhances focus and creativity but also ensures that drills and tools are readily accessible. 

After each diamond painting session, it is essential to put away the supplies properly, preventing any loss or damage to drills or accessories. Having designated storage areas for tools, drills, and other materials simplifies the process of cleaning up and preparing for the next painting session.

Joining Diamond Painting Communities

For diamond painters looking to further improve their skills and gain inspiration, joining online diamond painting communities is a fantastic idea. 

These communities provide a platform for passionate diamond painters to share their experiences, tips, and storage ideas. Engaging with experienced painters in the community fosters a sense of camaraderie and motivation, encouraging diamond artists to continually enhance their craft.

Top 10 Diamond Painting Storage Solutions (Video)

As an additional resource, viewers can explore Nataliya’s video that showcases the top 10 diamond painting storage solutions in 2019. The video offers a visual guide to various storage options, providing valuable insights for organizing drills and enhancing the overall diamond painting experience.


In conclusion, effective storage of diamond painting drills is crucial for maintaining a clean and organized workspace that enhances the joy and satisfaction of the craft. 

Whether using ziploc baggies, alternative storage solutions, or bead organizers, each method contributes to a clutter-free and efficient diamond painting experience. Additionally, gluing DMC drills and labeling containers provide quick access to drills, reducing search time and increasing productivity. DIY storage ideas add a personal touch to organization while maintaining a budget-friendly approach. 

By joining diamond painting communities, painters can share knowledge and gain inspiration from like-minded individuals. Overall, an organized workspace not only simplifies the diamond painting process but also allows artists to fully immerse themselves in the art and find peace and creativity in each stroke.


 Ziploc baggies are easily accessible and come with many diamond painting kits. They keep drills organized and preserve their quality.

Yes, alternative storage options include restaurant sauce containers and bead organizers.

Gluing drills next to their corresponding codes and symbols allows painters to quickly identify colors during painting.

Bead organizers are containers designed specifically for organizing beads and drills, providing a comprehensive storage solution.

Household items like egg cartons and old shoe boxes can be repurposed as makeshift organizers.

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