how to fill the clay pen for diamond painting tool

How to Fill the Clay Pen for Diamond Painting Tool?

Diamond painting is a popular craft that involves creating beautiful art pieces by placing tiny diamond beads onto a canvas. To achieve precise and efficient bead placement, a clay pen is often used. In this article, we will guide you on how to fill the clay pen for diamond painting and provide helpful tips for using it effectively.

Understanding the Clay Pen for Diamond Painting

What is a Clay Pen?

A clay pen is a specialized tool used in diamond painting to pick up and place diamond beads onto the canvas. It consists of a hollow barrel filled with a soft, moldable clay-like substance. The clay provides a sticky surface for the beads to adhere to, allowing for easy application.

Purpose of the Clay Pen

The main purpose of the clay pen is to simplify the process of picking up and placing diamond beads. It replaces traditional methods like tweezers or wax, offering a more precise and efficient way to handle the tiny beads. The clay pen’s sticky surface securely holds the beads, preventing accidental drops and making it easier to position them accurately.

Benefits of Using a Clay Pen

Using a clay pen for diamond painting offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides better control over bead placement, resulting in neater and more precise artwork. Additionally, the clay’s sticky nature reduces the chances of beads falling off during the painting process. The clay pen also helps prevent hand fatigue, as it requires less pressure to pick up and release the beads compared to tweezers.

Preparing the Clay Pen

Before using the clay pen for diamond painting, a few preparations are necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Cleaning the Clay Pen

Ensure that the clay pen is clean and free from any debris or residue. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or tissue to wipe the surface of the clay pen gently. This step helps maintain the stickiness of the clay and prevents any unwanted particles from transferring onto the canvas.

Preparing the Clay

If the clay in the pen feels dry or stiff, you may need to knead it slightly to soften it. Gently squeeze and roll the clay between your fingers until it becomes pliable and easier to work with. Avoid using excessive force, as it may cause the clay to become too sticky.

Loading the Clay Pen

To fill the clay pen, remove the cap or plug at the end of the barrel. Take a small portion of the softened clay and roll it into a ball. Insert the ball of clay into the barrel, pushing it down until it fills the hollow space. Ensure that the clay is packed snugly but not overly compacted.

Filling the Diamond Painting Tool

Now that the clay pen is prepared, it’s time to fill it with diamond beads for your diamond painting project.

Selecting Diamond Beads

Choose the diamond beads that correspond to the colors needed for your artwork. Diamond beads are typically provided in small individual bags, each labeled with a color code. Refer to your diamond painting kit’s color chart or legend to identify the correct beads.

Preparing the Diamond Beads

To make it easier to pick up the diamond beads with the clay pen, pour a small amount of beads onto a flat surface such as a diamond painting tray. Spread them out in a single layer, ensuring they are not clumped together.

Filling the Clay Pen

With the clay pen in one hand and the tray of diamond beads nearby, gently press the tip of the clay pen onto the desired bead. The sticky clay will pick up the bead, adhering it to the pen. Repeat this process for each bead until the clay pen is filled with the desired color.

Using the Clay Pen for Diamond Painting

Now that your clay pen is filled with diamond beads, let’s explore how to effectively use it in your diamond painting project.

Positioning the Clay Pen

Hold the clay pen like a pen or pencil, ensuring a comfortable grip. Position your hand above the canvas, ready to place the beads onto the adhesive surface. The clay pen’s tip should be slightly angled for better control.

Placing the Diamond Beads

Gently touch the tip of the clay pen to the adhesive area on the canvas where the bead needs to be placed. Apply slight pressure to release the bead from the clay pen and onto the adhesive. Ensure the bead is securely pressed down to ensure it sticks to the canvas.

Finishing Touches

Continue filling the canvas with diamond beads, following the pattern or design provided in your diamond painting kit. Take breaks when needed to rest your hand and maintain focus on accuracy. Use the clay pen’s stickiness to your advantage, avoiding accidental bead displacement during the process.

Tips for Using the Clay Pen Effectively

To enhance your diamond painting experience, here are some additional tips for using the clay pen effectively:

Maintaining the Clay Pen

Regularly check the clay pen’s tip for any buildup of adhesive or debris. Wipe it clean with a soft cloth or tissue as needed to ensure optimal stickiness. If the clay becomes less sticky over time, gently knead it between your fingers to refresh its adhesive properties.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If the clay pen loses its stickiness or has difficulty picking up beads, try adding a small amount of wax to the tip. Wax can enhance the pen’s adhesive capabilities, making it easier to handle the beads. Experiment with different amounts of wax to find the right balance for your needs.


Using a clay pen for diamond painting provides a convenient and efficient way to handle and place diamond beads onto the canvas. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively fill the clay pen and achieve precise and beautiful results in your diamond painting projects.


Yes, you can reuse the clay in the pen for multiple projects. Ensure to clean the clay pen thoroughly after each use to remove any residual beads or debris.

Store the clay pen with the cap or plug securely closed to prevent the clay from drying out. Keep it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

It is not recommended to mix different colors of clay in the pen, as it may affect the stickiness and result in bead contamination. Stick to one color of clay per project.

Yes, the clay pen is compatible with most diamond painting kits, regardless of the canvas size or complexity of the design.

The clay pen is specifically designed for diamond painting and may not be suitable for other crafts. It is optimized for picking up small diamond beads and may not work as effectively with other materials.

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