what is diamond painting with special rhinestones

What is Diamond Painting with Special Rhinestones?

Diamond painting has taken the world of arts and crafts by storm, captivating enthusiasts with its unique blend of creativity and relaxation. 

This delightful craft involves applying sparkling resin rhinestones onto a canvas to create stunning and dazzling artworks. But what sets diamond painting apart is the use of special rhinestones that elevate the brilliance and beauty of the final masterpiece.

Understanding Diamond Painting

Before diving into the world of special rhinestones, it’s essential to understand the basics of diamond painting. 

Essentially, diamond painting is a modern take on the age-old art of mosaic, where tiny gemstones are used to form intricate patterns and designs. In diamond painting, resin rhinestones, also known as drills or diamonds, are placed onto a pre-printed adhesive canvas, following a color-coded chart.

To start your diamond painting journey, you’ll need a few basic materials and tools. These include a canvas, special rhinestones, a wax pad or tray, a diamond applicator tool, and a frame (optional). The diamond applicator tool helps to pick up the rhinestones easily and place them accurately on the canvas.

There are various types of diamond painting kits available to suit different preferences and skill levels. Kits can be based on the shape of the rhinestones, such as square or round, and the size of the canvas, which can range from small beginner kits to large and complex projects.

What are Special Rhinestones?

At the heart of diamond painting are rhinestones, which are essentially small, multi-faceted gems made from resin. These rhinestones are designed to reflect light and create a dazzling sparkle, similar to the appearance of real diamonds. In traditional diamond painting, regular resin rhinestones are used, which already provide a beautiful shine to the finished artwork.

However, the world of diamond painting has evolved, and now we have special rhinestones that take the craft to a whole new level of elegance and glamour. Special rhinestones, also known as Swarovski crystals or diamond-cut rhinestones, are premium-quality gems that offer enhanced brilliance, clarity, and color vibrancy.

Advantages of Using Special Rhinestones in Diamond Painting

Using special rhinestones in diamond painting comes with several advantages that truly make the artwork shine like a true masterpiece.

Enhanced Sparkle and Brilliance: Special rhinestones are cut with precision to maximize the reflection of light, resulting in an exquisite sparkle that catches the eye from every angle.

Unique Color Effects: The use of premium-quality rhinestones enhances the color saturation of the artwork, making it more vibrant and visually striking.

Improved Adhesive Properties: Special rhinestones often come with stronger adhesive backing, ensuring that they stay firmly in place on the canvas, preventing any accidental detachment.

Long-Lasting and Durable: These high-quality rhinestones are more resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your diamond painting retains its beauty for years to come.

Tips for Working with Special Rhinestones

While working with special rhinestones, it’s essential to follow some tips to achieve the best results and make the most out of these dazzling gems.

Proper Storage and Handling: Special rhinestones should be stored in resealable containers to prevent them from scattering. When handling the rhinestones, use tweezers or the diamond applicator tool gently.

Best Practices for Applying Rhinestones: Place the rhinestones one by one on the adhesive canvas, following the color-coded chart carefully. Press the rhinestones gently to secure them in place.

Techniques for Achieving a Flawless Finish: Work methodically, from one section of the canvas to another, to ensure uniformity and precision. Step back occasionally to admire your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

DIY Custom Kits with Special Rhinestones

One of the most exciting aspects of diamond painting is the ability to create custom kits with special rhinestones. You can now turn your favorite photographs or images into personalized diamond painting designs. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to preserve cherished memories in a dazzling and artistic form.

Converting a photo into a diamond painting design is made easy with various online tools and services. Simply upload your image, choose the canvas size and rhinestone type, and voilĂ ! You’ll receive a custom kit with all the materials needed to bring your image to life in dazzling rhinestones.

Advanced Techniques and Artistry with Special Rhinestones

For seasoned diamond painting enthusiasts, working with special rhinestones offers opportunities for advanced techniques and artistry. Here are some techniques that take diamond painting to a whole new level:

Blending Colors and Shades: By combining different shades and colors of rhinestones, artists can create intricate blends and gradients, adding depth and dimension to their artwork.

Creating 3D and Textured Effects: Specially cut rhinestones can be used strategically to create a three-dimensional effect, making certain elements of the painting stand out.

Incorporating Special Rhinestones into Intricate Designs: For those who enjoy challenging projects, special rhinestones can be used in complex designs to add an extra layer of sophistication to the artwork.

Special Rhinestones for Kids and Beginners

Diamond painting is not just for experienced artists; it’s a craft that anyone can enjoy, including kids and beginners. In fact, diamond painting kits designed for children often come with special rhinestones that are safe and easy to handle.

For beginners, there are starter kits with simplified designs and larger rhinestones, allowing them to get the hang of the craft before moving on to more intricate projects. These kits are a great way to introduce young ones to the world of arts and crafts while sparking their creativity.

Special Rhinestone Accessories and Add-Ons

To take your diamond painting to the next level, consider incorporating additional embellishments and add-ons with special rhinestones. Rhinestone accessories, such as larger gems or shaped rhinestones, can be strategically placed to add extra glamour and flair to your artwork.

For those who enjoy mixed media art, combining diamond painting with other crafts is a fantastic idea. You can incorporate special rhinestones into projects like resin art, scrapbooking, or even home decor pieces to create eye-catching and luxurious designs.

Caring for and Displaying Diamond Paintings with Special Rhinestones

Once you’ve completed your dazzling diamond painting, it’s important to care for it properly to ensure its longevity and beauty. Here are some tips for caring and displaying your artwork:

Framing Options and Considerations: Consider framing your completed diamond painting to protect it from dust and damage while also showcasing it as a stunning piece of wall art.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips: To clean your diamond painting, gently dust it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions, as these may damage the rhinestones or canvas.

Where to Buy Special Rhinestones and Diamond Painting Kits

Special rhinestones and diamond painting kits can be found in various arts and crafts stores, as well as online stores and marketplaces. When purchasing, make sure to choose reputable suppliers and trusted brands to ensure the quality of the materials.

Inspiring Ideas and Projects with Special Rhinestones

The world of diamond painting is filled with creative possibilities, and artists continue to amaze with their innovative designs and projects. Explore online galleries and social media platforms to discover a myriad of inspiring ideas and unique uses of special rhinestones in diamond painting.

Customer testimonials and success stories are also worth exploring, as they provide insights into how others have embraced the craft and found joy in creating their sparkling masterpieces.

The Future of Diamond Painting with Special Rhinestones

As the popularity of diamond painting continues to grow, so does the demand for new and exciting materials. The world of special rhinestones is constantly evolving, with manufacturers experimenting with new cuts, colors, and sizes to meet the demands of passionate artists.

Moreover, the integration of technology, such as augmented reality, may add a new dimension to the art form, allowing enthusiasts to interact with their creations in innovative ways.


Diamond painting with special rhinestones is an enchanting and captivating craft that combines artistic expression with therapeutic relaxation. The use of premium-quality rhinestones elevates the brilliance and vibrancy of the artwork, transforming it into a mesmerizing spectacle that shines with every glance.

Whether you’re a seasoned diamond painting enthusiast or a beginner eager to explore this world of creativity, special rhinestones offer endless possibilities for dazzling and unforgettable masterpieces.


While you can use regular rhinestones, special rhinestones offer superior sparkle and color vibrancy, enhancing the overall quality of your diamond painting.

Yes, special rhinestones designed for children’s kits are safe and easy to handle, making diamond painting a great craft activity for kids.

Yes, special rhinestones are available in various shapes, such as round, square, and special cuts, allowing artists to explore different artistic effects.

Absolutely! Many online services offer custom diamond painting kits, allowing you to turn your favorite photos into sparkling rhinestone artworks.

Framing your completed diamond painting is an excellent way to protect and showcase your masterpiece as a stunning wall decoration.

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