what is diamond painting with AB drills

What is Diamond Painting with AB Drills?

Diamond painting is an enjoyable and visually appealing craft that has gained popularity in recent years. The art form involves creating stunning mosaics using small resin “diamond” drills, also known as dots, strass, beads, gems, or rhinestones. 

These drills come in various types, including color diamonds, Diamond Dotz, AB diamonds, Star AB diamonds, and Glow diamonds. In this article, we will explore the world of diamond painting with a focus on AB drills and their mesmerizing effects on artwork.

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Different Types of Diamond Drills

Color Diamond Drills (3D vs. 5D)

Color diamond drills are solid acrylic or resin diamonds with multifaceted surfaces that reflect light and create a sparkling 3-dimensional effect. The terms 3D and 5D refer to the number of facets, with 5D diamonds having more facets and a greater sparkle. 

The choice between 3D and 5D diamonds is subjective, and it’s essential to check the facets included in a diamond painting kit.

Diamond Dotz and its Color Coding System

Diamond Dotz is a company that uses its color coding system for diamond drills, which often corresponds to DMC color codes. It offers a wide variety of colors, including Aurora Borealis, Metallics, Neon, and Glow-in-the-Dark. While not as popular as DMC, Diamond Dotz provides unique options for diamond painting enthusiasts.

Introduction to AB Drills and Aurora Borealis Coating

AB drills, short for Aurora Borealis, are diamond drills with a beautiful iridescent rainbow coating. This coating gives the diamonds a pearl-like shine with a changing color effect when viewed from different angles. AB drills are used to highlight specific parts of the diamond painting pattern, adding dazzling and mesmerizing effects to the artwork.

Star AB Diamonds and their Reflective Properties

Star AB diamonds are ultra-shiny translucent diamond drills with a reflective silver base. This base maximizes contrast, resulting in a sparkling and radiant diamond painting art. Star AB diamonds are perfect for adding extra sparkle to highlights and making certain details, such as eyes or flowers, pop and look captivating.

Glow Diamonds and their Luminescence

Glow diamonds are photoluminescent drills that glow in the dark. They are made with long afterglow phosphorescent material that absorbs light and emits a soft glow in darkness. 

These reusable diamonds offer a unique and mesmerizing effect to finished diamond paintings, transitioning the artwork from a sparkling daytime masterpiece to a tranquil and soothing glowing piece at night.

Understanding AB Drills in Diamond Painting

How AB Drills Add Sparkle and Depth to the Artwork

AB drills enhance the visual appeal of diamond paintings by adding depth and dimension to the artwork. The iridescent coating creates a play of colors that catch the light, making the finished piece appear more vibrant and captivating.

Selecting AB Drills for Highlighting and Contrasting

When using AB drills, it is essential to choose the right areas to highlight and contrast in the artwork. AB drills can draw attention to specific elements and create focal points, adding an extra layer of detail and interest to the overall design.

Mixing AB Drills with Regular Diamond Drills

Integrating AB drills with regular color diamond drills allows artists to achieve a balanced and harmonious composition. By strategically placing AB drills alongside traditional drills, artists can achieve stunning visual effects that make their artwork stand out.

Choosing the Right AB Drill Kit

Evaluating the Quality of AB Diamonds

When purchasing an AB drill kit, it’s crucial to assess the quality of the diamonds. High-quality AB diamonds will have a consistent and vibrant iridescent coating that adds value to the finished artwork.

Exploring AB Diamond Painting Kits

Various suppliers offer AB diamond painting kits with different themes and designs. Exploring the available options allows artists to find the perfect kit that aligns with their artistic preferences and style.

Tips for Beginners in Choosing AB Drill Kits

For beginners in diamond painting, choosing an AB drill kit can be overwhelming. We provide helpful tips to guide beginners in selecting a kit that suits their skill level and interests.

Techniques for Working with AB Drills

Proper Placement and Alignment of AB Drills

The correct placement and alignment of AB drills are crucial to achieve a cohesive and eye-catching design. We share techniques to ensure precise and accurate placement for a polished finished piece.

Tools and Accessories for Handling AB Diamonds

Using the right tools and accessories can make the process of working with AB drills more efficient and enjoyable. We recommend essential tools to streamline the diamond painting process.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Using AB Drills

As with any craft, there are common

common mistakes that artists should avoid when using AB drills. These mistakes can impact the overall appearance of the artwork and diminish the dazzling effect of AB drills.

Showcasing the Beauty of AB Drill Artworks

Examples of Completed Diamond Paintings with AB Drills

To inspire and delight readers, we showcase stunning examples of completed diamond paintings that utilize AB drills. These examples highlight the versatility of AB drills and how they can elevate the visual appeal of various artworks.

How AB Drills Enhance the Visual Appeal of Art Pieces?

We delve deeper into the visual impact of AB drills, explaining how the iridescent coating interacts with light and creates a dynamic and captivating artwork.

Inspiration for Creative Uses of AB Diamonds in Designs

To encourage creativity and artistic exploration, we provide readers with ideas and inspiration for incorporating AB diamonds into their own designs. From nature scenes to fantasy themes, AB diamonds can add a touch of magic to any artwork.

The Art of Creating Glow Diamond Paintings

Understanding Glow Diamonds and their Photoluminescence

We introduce readers to the enchanting world of glow diamonds, explaining how they work and their unique luminescent properties. Glow diamonds offer a mesmerizing twist to traditional diamond paintings.

Techniques for Achieving Stunning Glow Effects

We share techniques and tips for creating beautiful glow effects using glow diamonds. Readers will learn how to make the most of these special diamonds and create eye-catching masterpieces.

Combining AB Drills with Glow Diamonds for Unique Effects

We explore the exciting possibilities of combining AB drills and glow diamonds in the same artwork. The synergy of these two types of diamonds can result in breathtaking artworks with a magical touch.

Craft-Ease: A Leading Provider of AB Drill Kits

Overview of Craft-Ease and its Diamond Painting Collections

We introduce readers to Craft-Ease, a reputable and reliable provider of diamond painting kits, including those with AB drills. Craft-Ease offers a wide selection of high-quality kits that cater to different artistic preferences.

Features of Craft-Ease Glow Diamond Painting Kits

We highlight the features and benefits of Craft-Ease’s glow diamond painting kits. These kits provide a delightful and unique diamond painting experience with their luminescent glow.

Benefits of Using Licensed Artworks with Glow Diamonds

Craft-Ease offers licensed artwork diamond painting kits, and we explain the advantages of choosing these kits. By using licensed artwork, artists can create authentic and legally obtained masterpieces.

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Diamond Painting with AB Drills

Preparing the Canvas and Diamond Painting Tools

We guide readers through the essential steps of preparing the canvas and gathering the necessary diamond painting tools. Proper preparation ensures a smooth and enjoyable diamond painting process.

Sorting and Organizing AB Diamonds

An organized approach to sorting and organizing AB diamonds is crucial for efficiency and accuracy. We provide useful tips on how to manage the different colors and sizes of AB diamonds effectively.

Applying AB Drills to Create a Stunning Artwork

We walk readers through the process of applying AB drills to the canvas, including techniques for achieving a professional and polished finish. With careful application, artists can bring their diamond painting to life.

The Joy of Diamond Painting with AB Drills

Therapeutic Benefits of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is more than just a craft; it is a therapeutic activity that provides relaxation and stress relief. We discuss how the meditative nature of diamond painting can bring joy and peace to enthusiasts.

Sharing and Displaying AB Drill Artworks

We encourage readers to share their completed AB drill artworks with pride. Whether displayed at home or given as gifts, diamond paintings can evoke joy and admiration from others.

How Diamond Painting Connects Artists and Enthusiasts?

The diamond painting community is vibrant and supportive. We highlight how diamond painting brings together artists and enthusiasts, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


In conclusion, diamond painting with AB drills offers a captivating and magical experience for artists and enthusiasts alike. The mesmerizing effects of AB drills add depth and brilliance to artwork, creating stunning masterpieces that delight the eyes and touch the soul. With a wide array of AB diamond painting kits available, artists have the freedom to explore their creativity and bring their visions to life.


Yes, AB drills can be used in most diamond painting kits, provided they are compatible with the canvas size and design.

The luminescence of glow diamonds can last for several hours, depending on the amount of light exposure.

Absolutely! Diamond painting is beginner-friendly and easy to learn, making it an enjoyable hobby for people of all skill levels.

Yes, completed diamond paintings can be framed and displayed as stunning art pieces in your home.

Reputable AB diamond painting kits can be found from established suppliers like Craft-Ease and other trusted online retailers.

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