what is diamond painting with beads

What is Diamond Painting with Beads?

Diamond painting with beads is a captivating and visually stunning art form that has gained immense popularity among crafters, artists, and enthusiasts in recent years. Originating in Asia, this unique creative activity has now become a worldwide phenomenon, offering a blend of beading and painting that results in beautiful mosaic artworks that sparkle, shimmer, and shine. 

In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of diamond painting with beads, understanding its process, its therapeutic benefits, and why it has captured the hearts of so many art lovers.

The Origin and Artistic Appeal of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting, also known as diamond embroidery or diamond cross-stitch, has its roots in China, where it first appeared as a patent filing in 2010 by a laser technology company. By 2015, the art form was gaining popularity across Asia, and it spread to Europe, Russia, and the United States soon after. 

The artistic appeal of diamond painting lies in its ability to create vivid and shimmering masterpieces by applying sparkling resin rhinestones, known as diamond drills, to an adhesive color-coded canvas.

Understanding the Process: How Diamond Painting Works

Combination of Cross-Stitch and Paint-By-Numbers

Diamond painting is a harmonious blend of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers techniques. The canvas is pre-printed with a coded chart that corresponds to different colored diamond drills. 

Crafters use an applicator pen to pick up the diamonds and place them meticulously on the canvas, following the color-coded patterns. The end result is a mesmerizing artwork that resembles a dazzling mosaic.

Tools and Materials Used in Diamond Painting

To get started with diamond painting, crafters can purchase kits that contain all the necessary materials. A typical kit includes a canvas, adhesive, an applicator pen, a tray for diamond drills, paddy wax, and colorful resin drills. Optional accessories like light pads, diamond organizers, and multi-applicator pens are also available to enhance the diamond painting experience.

Choosing the Right Kit: Skill Levels and Themes

Round Diamond Kits for Beginners

For those new to diamond painting, round diamond kits are recommended. They are easier and faster to place on the canvas, making them ideal for beginners. Companies like Diamond Art Club offer a wide range of themes, from classic landscapes to inspirational quotes, allowing crafters to choose a kit that resonates with their interests.

Square Diamond Kits for Advanced Crafters

Crafters with more experience may enjoy working with square diamond kits. Square diamonds have a snap feature that allows them to fit together neatly with no gaps, resulting in a more detailed and elaborate artwork. These kits are perfect for experienced diamond painters looking for a challenge.

Diverse Themes to Explore

Diamond painting offers a plethora of themes to explore, catering to various interests and preferences. From nature-inspired landscapes to abstract art, portraits, and even customizable options, there is something for everyone. Crafters can also explore the world of freestyle diamond painting to unleash their creativity.

Starting Your Diamond Painting Journey

Preparing the Canvas

Before starting, it’s essential to prepare the canvas properly. Unroll the canvas and place it under something heavy to flatten it. Once straightened, the adhesive canvas is ready to work on. Be mindful not to remove the plastic covering completely, as it protects the sticky surface.

Working with Diamond Drills

Using the coded chart on the canvas, match the symbols to the corresponding diamond color code and locate the respective diamond bag. Place some drills into the tray and shake it gently so the drills settle right side up, making it easier to pick up the diamonds with the applicator pen.

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Experience

  • Dip the diamond painting pen in wax to pick up diamonds easily.
  • Work on small sections at a time, moving from one section to another.
  • Store and organize colored diamonds with a diamond organizer.
  • Use a light pad to reduce eye strain and improve visibility.

The Therapeutic and Relaxing Benefits of Diamond Painting

Stress Relief and Mindful Creativity

Diamond painting provides a stress-free and meditative activity that helps in relaxation and stress relief. Focusing on placing the diamonds on the canvas allows the mind to escape daily worries, promoting mental well-being.

Improving Fine Motor Skills and Focus

The precision required in diamond painting enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also helps improve concentration and attention to detail, keeping the mind engaged and sharp.

Customizing Your Diamond Art and Beyond

Personalizing with Freestyle Diamond Painting

Freestyle diamond painting allows crafters to design their own patterns and create unique masterpieces. With a blank adhesive canvas, the possibilities are limitless, making it a great way to express individual creativity.

Crafting Beyond the Canvas: Unique Projects

Diamond drills can be used in various other crafts, making it a versatile medium. Crafters can embellish objects like phone cases, notebooks, and even clothing, adding a touch of sparkle to everyday items.

High-Quality Materials for Stunning Results

Importance of Quality Canvases

For a successful diamond painting experience, high-quality canvases are crucial. They ensure the adhesive remains strong, preventing wrinkles or creases, and provide a sturdy base for the diamonds to stick firmly.

The Brilliance of Diamond Drills

The quality of diamond drills directly impacts the overall appearance of the artwork. High-quality resin drills, like those from Diamond Art Club, offer maximum brilliance and shine, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

Caring for Your Finished Masterpiece

Framing and Displaying Your Diamond Painting

Once the diamond painting is complete, crafters can frame and display their artwork to showcase their creativity and talent. Custom frames can be used to enhance the overall presentation.

Preserving the Beauty of Diamond Art

To keep the artwork intact and preserve its brilliance, it’s essential to handle it with care. Avoid placing heavy objects on the canvas, and store it in a dust-free environment when not displayed.

The Growing Popularity of Diamond Painting

The Rise of Diamond Painting Communities

The diamond painting community is thriving, with enthusiasts sharing their works, tips, and experiences on social media platforms and forums. It has become a supportive and inspiring community for artists worldwide.

Diamond Painting as a Gift and Social Activity

Diamond painting kits make thoughtful gifts for loved ones, allowing them to indulge in a creative and relaxing hobby. Additionally, many people enjoy diamond painting as a social activity with friends and family.


Diamond painting with beads offers a delightful fusion of art, creativity, and relaxation. With its versatility, therapeutic benefits, and stunning results, it has won the hearts of countless enthusiasts worldwide. 

Whether you are a seasoned crafter or a beginner, diamond painting is an accessible and enjoyable activity that allows you to create dazzling masterpieces that truly sparkle.


The main difference between round and square diamond kits lies in the shape of the diamond drills used in the artwork. Round diamond kits use circular resin drills, while square diamond kits feature square-shaped drills. Round diamond kits are easier for beginners, while square diamond kits are more suitable for advanced crafters seeking intricate designs.

Yes, you can create your own custom diamond painting using freestyle diamond painting. With a blank adhesive canvas, you have the creative freedom to draw, paint, or design anything you like before placing the diamond drills.

If you place a diamond in the wrong spot, gently lift it using the applicator pen or tweezers. Re-adhere it using paddy wax or double-sided tape.

Store them in the extra diamond storage bags for future projects or use them to add sparkle to other crafts.

Yes, diamond painting is a fun and engaging craft activity suitable for kids. Start with simple designs and larger diamond drills for younger children. Supervision may be required for smaller kids to ensure a safe crafting experience.

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