what is diamond painting by number

What is Diamond Painting by Number

Diamond painting by number is a captivating form of creative expression that has taken the artistic world by storm. It combines the meditative qualities of paint by numbers with the glimmering allure of small, sparkling diamond drills. 

As artists and crafters alike discover the joy of creating shimmering masterpieces, diamond painting has emerged as a popular hobby that appeals to people of all ages and skill levels.

How Diamond Painting Works

Before delving into the creative process, let’s understand how diamond painting works. A typical diamond painting kit includes a canvas with a printed design, adhesive, and a set of diamond drills. Each diamond drill corresponds to a specific color, and the canvas is marked with symbols to indicate where to place each diamond.

To bring the artwork to life, artists use a specialized stylus pen to pick up the diamond drills and place them on the corresponding symbols on the canvas. As more diamonds are placed, a dazzling mosaic-like image starts to form, capturing the light and creating a mesmerizing effect.

Diamond Painting vs. Paint by Numbers

While diamond painting and paint by numbers share similarities in their guided creative process, they differ in the materials used. Paint by numbers employs paints and brushes, while diamond painting involves tiny, faceted diamond drills that add a three-dimensional aspect to the artwork.

Both art forms are beginner-friendly and offer a sense of accomplishment as the project progresses. However, diamond painting has gained an edge in popularity due to its unique sparkle and ease of execution.

Getting Started with Diamond Painting

For those new to diamond painting, starting can be an exciting journey. To begin, one needs to select a diamond painting kit. The market offers a wide range of designs, from beautiful landscapes and serene nature scenes to adorable animals and famous artworks.

Once the kit is selected, the artist sets up their workspace, ensuring a well-lit and clutter-free environment. Reading and decoding the canvas symbols is the next step, allowing the artist to identify the colors and corresponding diamond drills required for the project.

The Diamond Painting Process

With the canvas ready, it’s time to dive into the diamond painting process. Using the provided stylus pen and wax, artists pick up individual diamond drills and carefully place them on the canvas, following the printed symbols. 

The repetitive and rhythmic motion of placing diamonds can be meditative, promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

To ensure precision and efficiency, some artists use additional tools like storage containers and tweezers. These accessories help in organizing the diamond drills and simplify the process of picking them up.

Customizing Diamond Painting

One of the most appealing aspects of diamond painting is the option to create custom designs. Artists can turn their cherished photos into diamond paintings, preserving precious memories in a dazzling artwork. 

Many online platforms offer custom printed diamond painting sets, allowing artists to upload their images and receive a tailored kit.

Understanding Diamond Painting Styles

Diamond paintings come in various styles, with the most common being 3D and 5D. These designations refer to the number of facets on each diamond drill. 3D diamonds have nine facets, while 5D diamonds boast fifteen, creating a more brilliant and sparkly effect. Artists can choose the style that best suits their preferences and desired level of shine.

Additionally, diamond drills come in various shapes, such as square and round. The choice of shape can influence the overall look of the finished artwork, adding an extra layer of personalization.

Benefits and Therapeutic Aspects

Beyond the artistic enjoyment, diamond painting offers several therapeutic benefits. Engaging in creative activities like diamond painting can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting mental well-being. 

The repetitive nature of placing diamonds can induce a state of flow, where artists lose themselves in the creative process, experiencing a sense of calm and focus.

Choosing the Right Design

The variety of diamond painting designs is vast, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. When selecting a design, consider personal preferences, interests, and the intended location of the finished artwork. 

Whether it’s a captivating cityscape, a cute animal portrait, or a floral masterpiece, the chosen design should resonate with the artist.

Diamond Painting for Kids

Diamond painting is not only an enjoyable hobby for adults but also an engaging activity for children. Many diamond painting kits are specifically designed for kids, with simpler designs and larger diamonds. 

Engaging in diamond painting can enhance children’s fine motor skills, concentration, and patience, fostering their creativity and confidence.

Caring for Your Diamond Painting

Once the diamond painting is completed, artists can take steps to preserve and showcase their masterpiece. Proper storage and handling are essential to prevent damage to the artwork. Framing the finished diamond painting adds a touch of elegance and protection, allowing artists to proudly display their creation.

Joining the Diamond Painting Community

The joy of diamond painting extends beyond the creative process. Many artists join online forums and social media groups to connect with like-minded individuals, share their works in progress, and celebrate finished projects. The diamond painting community provides support, inspiration, and a sense of belonging to a growing artistic community.

Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

For those looking to enhance their diamond painting skills, there are several tips and tricks to consider. Experts suggest starting with smaller, simpler designs before tackling more complex projects. 

Organizing diamond drills in storage containers and using tweezers can improve efficiency and precision. Additionally, keeping the workspace clean and well-lit ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Diamond painting by number is an enchanting art form that combines creativity, mindfulness, and a touch of sparkle. As artists immerse themselves in the world of diamond painting, they discover not only the joy of creating stunning artworks but also the therapeutic benefits of engaging in a meditative and rewarding activity.


The time required to complete a diamond painting depends on the complexity and size of the design. Smaller and simpler designs may take a few hours, while larger and more intricate projects can span several days or weeks.

 No, diamond painting uses artificial materials in the form of small, faceted diamond drills made from resin or plastic. These diamond drills create the sparkling effect that makes diamond paintings so captivating.

In the rare event of running out of a specific diamond drill color, diamond painting kits usually come with extra drills. If not, contacting the manufacturer or supplier can help in obtaining replacement drills.

Yes, diamond paintings can be framed without glass, as the sparkling effect of the diamonds is best showcased without a glass barrier. Framing the artwork protects it from dust and damage while allowing the diamonds to shimmer freely.

Diamond painting is a low-impact and gentle activity, making it suitable for people with arthritis. The use of specialized tools and the adhesive nature of the diamond drills reduce strain on the hands and fingers, making it accessible to individuals with various physical conditions.

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